How to make Cappuccino at home

Now you must be wondering what recipe in a cold coffee.

Wonders can happen over a cup of coffee😉

Since childhood I would just not have milk my mom would try all different ways and means to make me have milk and coffee would be my favourite but since I was a kid she did not want to get me into the habbit,so she would make bournvita & sprinkle some coffee to make me have it😉

So i started experimenting even before Barista, Cafe Coffee dayz & Starbucks orginated.
So here it is my little experimented cold coffee or let me say Cappuccino


Preparation time : 15mins.


1 glass of milk
3-marie biscuits
2-oreo biscuits or cookies
5-6 walnuts
1tbsp bournvita
1tbsp coco powder
2tbsp whipped cream
1tbsp sugar
1tsp cinnamon powder
1tbsp nescafe
Pinch cardomon powder
1 small bowl ice
1 small vanilla ice cream cup.
Garnish: oreo biscuits, julians of almonds, coffee powder.

Method: mix all the above ingredients & blend it in the blender.

Garnish it with oreo biscuit & almonds and sprinkle some coffee.

Why should you go for a Babymoon


Ever since I became pregnant, I had in my mind that I have to go for a vacation with my husband. A friend who had recently delivered suggested I must go for one.

We decided and went for one last year around in May, when I was 7 months pregnant. The vacation was both to celebrate his birthday and a babymoon.

I have always made a point to get into some type of getaways with the person I love. I feel It’s important. I know that most people take babymoon vacation while pregnant with their first child.

I made the most fun vacation with my partner when I was pregnant. Here are five reasons you must plan atlas a short baby moon vacation before the baby pops out.

Diaper free vacation: Your life is going to change. It’s going to be all about changing diapers, parks and play. You never know when you will get time for a vacation again. Babysitting rates are high and feeling guilty is another story.

We time: Yes, you deserve some we time before you get that baby in your hand. After the baby, there will be a time when you would say where is my importance, why is the baby getting all. Frankly, even I went through this. Maintaining the bond that you have with your partner is crucial.

Memories: This may turn out to be the best vacation you ever had, coz it’s all about you both and no one else. It’s going to give you some lovely memories.

Pamper: Pregnancy is hard on the body and mind, and there is no time like the present to pamper yourself. Focus on your needs only now while you can. You will miss this pampering when you start babysitting full day.

Sleep: This is going to be completely relaxing vacation. So, sleep sleep and sleep. By the way, you are soon going to be sleep deprived, no I am not scaring you.

While I would like to add here, we enjoyed this vacation completely and it has given us some awesome memories but we were all excited to hold our baby in hand. We were refreshed and happy, and ready for our world to change in July.

And now while I am writing this blog, I can’t even think of a vacation without my baby. Even if I am out for three hours, I cannot wait to get home and squeeze him.


Khaosuey – Burmese dish


Khaosuey – Burmese dish
It is a one dish soup meal , one of my favourite’s as it is not Only easy but delicious, nutritious too.
Serves : 4
Ingredients :
For coconut milk ( ready tetra packs available- 2pkts)
Grated coconut, to be grinded with 1 cup of water making a thick
For the paste : 5-6 cloves of garlic, 50gms ginger , 1tbsp corriander seeds, 1tbsp cumin seeds( jeera) , 8-10 kashmiri chillies grind all of them to a fine paste.
Veggies : 1 medium sized carrot, 8-10 french beans,1 red yellow bell peppers each , 1 capsicum. ( carrot & french beans to be boiled) finely chopped.
Noodles : wheat or all purpose flour noodles 1packet to be boiled with 1tsp oil & pinch of salt.
Garnishing : 1small bunch spring onions finely chopped, onion flakes, grinded chana dal, 1tsp red chilli powder, 1lemon juice.
Method : Take a wok boil the coconut milk add the paste and vegetables, salt to taste boil it for 5 minutes stirring at regular intervals.
Take a small serving bowl, take 1laddle of noodles, 1 ½ laddle coconut curry garnish it with spring onions, onion flakes, 1tsp of lemon juice, pinch of red chilli powder, chana dal and scumptious khaosuey is ready😊

For jains: minus garlic, ginger, onions & carrots replace it with cabbage.
Happy cooking😊

Curry samosa


Welcoming the monsoons our taste buds also goes a bit tangy!!
Curry samosa is just the dish for the season a bit spicy and for all the food lovers who dont mind experimenting.

One of my favourites as it can be eaten for brunch, high tea or even for dinner.

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 60 minutes

Ingredients :

For samosa sheets: 250gms all purpose flour,ajwain – 1tbsp,salt to taste,1tbsp.

For samosa stuffing:4 boiled, peeled & mashed potatoes,1 small bowl boiled peas,salt to taste,1tbsp chilli ginger paste,1tsp dry ginger powder,1tsp garam masala,1 small bunch corriander finally chopped.

For pakodis:soaked lentils(yellow moong dal),salt to taste,chilli ginger paste.

For curry:1tbsp gram flour(besan), 1 small bowl curd,chilli ginger paste, salt to taste, 1tsp sugar,2 cloves(laung), curry leaves,1tsp mustard seeds.

Dry garlic chutney:100gms garlic, 50gms dry red chillies, 1tsp red chilli powder, salt to taste.

For garnishing:spring onions, onion flakes, corriander leaves.

For the samosa sheets:
Take all purpose flour, add salt, ajwain,1tbsp oil and little water to knead it into a dough.
Leave it for sometime and make small round or long sheets.

For the samosa stuffing:mix all the ingredients together and stuff it in the sheets forming a triangle and cover the sides by brushing it with water and then seeling them.

Once the samosa’s are ready fry them in a wok.
Tip: can half fry them and store it in the freezer for a couple of days and can use it as and when needed by refrying them completely.

For the pakodis: take the soaked dal add chilli ginger paste,salt and grind it into a paste. Once done then make very small balls and fry them.(the size of the pakodi should be like a one-rupee coin)

For the curry:
Take the gram flour, add curd and whip it with a blender to get smooth constitency.
Add 1 1/2 cup water and boil for sometime,add sugar,salt,cloves,chilli ginger paste corriander leaves.

For tempering: take oil in a pan add mustard seeds & curry leaves and then add in the curry and boil for 2 minutes stirring it at intervals.

For the chutney: mix all the ingredients and half crush it.

For garnishing: take a bowl make few pieces of the samosa.add the pakodis,pour the curry & then sprinkle the chutney and garnish with corriander leaves, spring onions & onion flakes.

For jains: instead of potatoes, raw bananas can be used and for the chutney instead of garlic peanuts can be used.😊

Things to keep in mind while introducing solids

Solids should be started on completion of 6months. Till then only Breastmilk/FormulaMilk.

Also till 1 year bm/fm is the main source of nutrition.

At 6 months, baby needs one meal only. Start with fruits and veggies grated/purĂŠed or boiled & mashed, home made cerelac.

Please do pureeing and blending only if necessary as most of the ripen fruits can be offered just hand mashed and veggies can be steamed/boiled and hand mashed. It might become difficult to change later. Also remember the fruit/veg looses its texture while pureeing.

Pureeing, mashing is not mandatory. If your baby is able to take family food, is fine to offer from the start. It is called #babyledweaning

What I did was I started with baby led weaning and had to quit for some reasons but never blended or purĂŠed his fruits, instead I hand mashed or used a cheese grater to grate fruits and fed him.

Adding breast milk or formula will mask the original taste of the food. Also will be difficult while transition to family food.

For 7 months, 2 meals or 1 meal+ 1snack. Increment by 1 meal for every month.

Gradually move on to family food minus salt, sugar, jaggery, honey and chili .

At 10 months K eats sabji Roti, dal rice everything.. (p.s. Without any blending)

Baby doesn’t know sweet or salt taste unless we introduce it. So do not worry the food is bland.

Sweetening of food/porridges is not necessary but if u want to do it with fruits or dates.

Do not always have backups or alternatives for foods for baby’s choice. Just offer what the family eats minus salt, sugar, chilli, jaggery and honey. Else baby will avoid what we offer knowing that he/she will get his favorites.

By 1 year, baby should be taking 3 meals + 1 or 2 snacks.

No Cerelac and other processed foods. They are just loaded with sugar and not healthy.

No dal water, soups, juices, rice water and other diluted drinks as they have very less nutrition.

No salt, No Sugar/honey/palm sugar/jaggery till 1 yr. White sugar can be avoided as long as possible.

It is best to try all the allergens like nuts, egg, fishes, etc before 8months. It reduces the severity of allergies if any.

Nuts needs to be tested individually before powdering and offering together. When you try the first time, offer it in the first half of the day and look out for allergies like rashes, itching, redness, loosies, etc. Please Check with your pediatrician in case of such allergies.

If the baby is breastfed on demand, water can be skipped. However a few sips can be offered for oral hygiene. If at all you choose to give water it should be limited.

No Cow’s/animal’s milk as a drink as it has complex proteins difficult for babies to digest. However a small amount can be used in making sweet pancakes or porridges.

Offer a variety of tastes and texture so that baby gets used to it.

Giving the same food for three or more days rule is obsolete now. A new item can be introduced every day.

Let the baby decide the quantity.
Do not force feed or distraction feed.

Always bf/ff first and then offer solids after 30-45 mins in case of bf and 1-1.5hrs in case of ff..

Arrabiata sauce Pasta

Pasta’s are an italian orgin,

They are available in different size,shapes,flour’s

Pasta’s can be cooked in different sauces, one of my favourite is arabitia sauce as it’s a bit spicy and tangy.

Preparation time : 30 mins

Serves : 4



For the  white sauce :

It’s orginally prepared with all purpose flour but for health freeks it can be preapred in wheat flour too.

1 tbsp butter/olive oil

2 tbsp all purpose flour/ wheat flour

1 cup water

1/2 cup milk

1tsp grounded pepper(optional white pepper for more spice)

1tsp oregano

1tsp pepprica

1tsp garlic powder (optional)

1/2 tsp sugar

Salt to taste.

For arabitia sauce :

2 small finely chopped tomatoes

1 onion finely chopped

1  finely chopped capsicum

1/2 pc of ginger

2-3 cloves of garlic

3-4 basil leaves

Salt and sugar to taste.


Bell peppers

Spring onions

Boiled brocoli

Boiled corn

Boiled mushrooms

Boiled pasta’s

Chedar cheese, mayonise, tobasco sauce, chilli sauce, pepper, oregano, pepprica.


Boil the pasta in water and add some salt and 1 tbsp of oil to it

strain and keep it aside

For white sauce:

Take a wok add butter/olive oil add all purpose flour/wheat flour once the butter/olive oil warms up keep stirring as no lumps should be formed, add milk and water while stirring till a smooth consistency, add salt, pepper, pepprica ,oregano, garlic powder, sugar .

For the arabitia sauce:

Take the tomatoes, onions , capsicum , garlic,  ginger, basil leaves , sugar , salt. Grind all the above to a paste.

Veggies :

Bell peppers, spring onions, boiled corn, mushrooms , brocoili to be finely chopped.

Once the sauces and veggies are ready mix all the ingredients together and let it cook add mayonise, cheese , pasta’s , pepper, pepprica, oregano, basil leaves , tobasco sauce , chilli sauce, once all this is added mix all of them again and serve in a baking dish.


Garnish : pepprica and oregano and basil leaves.

The pasta’ s can be accompanied with garlic bread

Now for my jain friends the garlic, onion, ginger can be made optional.

Happy cooking!!!☺






Already in my heart someday in my arms: A story of conception


Every story ends with a moral, I begin mine with one – there is no battle undying faith and mental positivity cannot win.

Like every other girl, I always wanted to conceive before I turn 25 as its considered the most prevalent age as per the Indian standards. We wanted to go for an international trip before we dive in to parenthood. Everything went as per plan.

Each mother wants to do the best for their baby and that’s when I heard about the Panchakarma (in Ayurvedic medicine) a fivefold detoxification treatment involving massage, herbal therapy, and other procedures). Each massage left me relaxed and rejuvenated. I felt my body was now clean and prepared to welcome the baby.

While I did the Panchakarma the Doctor asked me to do some hormonal tests and it came out to be normal. Which was obvious good news. After all of this we were expecting pregnancy.

While I had baby planning in mind, I kept looking for suggestions and advises from my mommy friends, pregnant friends, online resources, attended some lectures too. I also started reading the Bhagwad Gita. 📖📖.

After 6 months, I attended a shibir conducted by a revolutionary. The experience was seraphic. I felt like staying back there. I was introduced to a more calm, composed, relaxed, aware and sorted version of myself.

The shibir was called ‘One Step Up’ where we were made to understand that we are souls and not the body. I learnt how to be unaffected by others behaviour and more importantly how to lose expectation that is not keep expectation.

I felt ecstatically happy as GOD had the perfect plan for me. He wanted me to become a better me before I become a mother.

My life had changed. My relationships had changed and I was completely different than what I was. I prayed. I followed sahebji.

In all these experiences, I was waiting for the baby to come. But, I think the baby was still selecting its parents but we were patiently waiting. We had faith that it would come to us at the best time.

While I say all this, I must admit I am not GOD and I had my share of days when I felt broken and disheartened.

I was disappointed each month I got my periods. It was even more disheartening to watch my husband disappointed. People very close to us whom we called friends and family only kept asking, WHEN? I answered with a typical VERY SOON.

Months passed by. I was waiting for that moment. Almost everyone around me was aware of my desire to have a baby. I was bombarded with advises and suggestions. Almost everyone asked me to visit their personal gynaecologist.  I respected their opinions and advises, but filtered and kept only the once I liked. (It did not seem like a good idea to visit 10 different Gynaecologist)



Many of my friends either got pregnant or delivered a baby in this course of time while I was still ‘trying’. I was very happy for them but wanted to hold my baby, the way they held theirs. I had so much to offer my baby, so much to do for her. My mind constantly kept thinking of the different things I could do for the baby.

Some more months passed by.

I visited another Doctor I decided to trust him and have undying faith in him after I consulted him a few times. My heart was convinced that my baby would come to me under this doctors guidance after I cognised that he was a follower of my Gurudev too.

I was convinced that God has the perfect plan and my life was a happy one.

I blindly followed my doctor. Did each test he asked me to do, popped every pill he prescribed.

Since all test reports came out normal, we were expecting to conceive soon.

But some more months passed by.

I’m a very career focused person. I have always aspired to grow professionally and create my own identity.  In all of these a friend who is into meditation asked me to focus on something I really desired and not both. I made up my mind and put forth my resignation. Due to some legal constraints, I couldn’t leave my job.

But where there is a will there is way. What I did now was commanded my mind and soul to quit stress about work and take it easy!

I also did a lot of meditation. Learnt several techniques. Yes, spirituality with mediation works wonders.

I heard all the positive affirmations for conceiving in my own voice every night before I slept.

It’s not that I didn’t lose my mind sometimes. I cried, I was depressed, I was low but positivity got be back.

There were days when I almost gave up.  I though motherhood was not for me. But my close family and friends assured me that the best is yet to come. I thank them and love them for this. I know there were many who literally prayed for me.

There were days when we both even blamed each other. There were days when he was low and I supported him n there were days when I was low and he cheered me up.

This phase was a difficult, tough one. But I had faith, Somewhere I followed ‘The Secret’.

My arms were still waiting to hold our baby. The doctor told us, the next visit, that IUI/ IVF treatment was the only way out. I was shattered. Even with the thought of it tears started to roll down my eyes. But I explained to myself, this way or the other my baby is destined to come to me. How does it matter? Within a couple of days, I was hopeful again. I asked the doctor for a months’ time before we begin the procedure as I had some trips and a family wedding lined up.

What happened the next month, was magical. The miracle I waited for, was now reality. I skipped a period the next month and was positive on a pregnancy test.

A wait of 22 months, of convincing myself, preparing myself, fighting with myself, had now come to an end. I know women who have waited for much longer. Know there are some still waiting. But I also know we are all destined to receive the best.

I’m sure God has the best plan for you.



African Dish: Tamiya

Being a gujju food is our birth right

I guess we have some extra taste buds😉

I am a complete foodie and love trying out new things!!

So here I come up with my cooking skills I tried this dish which origins from Africa and is called ‘TAMIYA’.

Here’s the recipe for you.


200gms Chick Pea

1/2 a bunch dill leaves(sua bhaji)

3-4 green chillies

1/2tsp coriander seeds

1/2tsp Cumin seeds (jeera)

1 finely chopped onion

4-5 cloves of garlic

Coriander leaves 1 small bunch

Salt to taste


Soak Chana dal for around 6-7 hours

Grind the dal into a fine paste and mix the dill leaves (sua bhaji), cumin seed, garlic, green chillies, coriander seeds grind them into a paste.

Salt and coriander leaves to be added just before frying.

Make round balls and deep fry the in a pan.

To be served with dips!!


Stay tuned for dips recipes.

Happy eating😊!!!

Dad’s 75th Birthday Party


As a a kid during Ganesh Chaturthi I have always heard a story by my mum and it has always been at the back of my mind as I am an emotional kind of a Person.

The story is about Ganeshji and his brother Kartik they were asked to complete a circle of the globe the one who completed first would be rewarded now Kartik went around while Ganeshji went around across Shivji and Parvatiji saying that my world is my parents so I went around them.

Most children have this kind of feeling for their parents.

The reason to tell this story is my father was turning 75. He was very excited and wanted to celebrate but like every father kept thinking about the expenses and thought of not celebrating so that’s when we, my mom, my sister and me decided to give him a surprise!!!

We were equally excited and kept in mind that we would try to the best party in a good budget.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind while organising a party:

• Planning: Proper planning gives good results. We did the entire planning ourselves and didn’t look out for an event planner as we wanted to manage a budget. Plus, I love doing every little bit on my own as it gives a personal touch.

• Budget: As I said earlier we wanted to do good things at a minimal budget. We decided the maximum amount we could spend for the party, which would include everything venue, food our clothes, return gifts etc.

• Venue: We had the following venue in mind. Ala Mode, Karl Residency, Juhu Gym, Take it Easy and some more. We finalised on Take it Easy because it was a friends place, into budget, beautiful ambience, good food. Since it was a friend’s place, I knew I would feel at home there.

• Guest list: We made a guest list where in dad’s friends and relatives were included first and then thought if possible shall add in our friends but since we didn’t want to overspend we reserved it to his friends and relatives only.


• Theme for the party: I didn’t want to do a normal dj party, we thought of lot of themes but nothing worked out. I had a friend called Dr. Radhika Rao in mind whose work I had seen and knew that she would do a good job. We had a live band for the party.

• Return gifts: Return gifts are given to thank guests for coming and a way to give back to make sure the guests were satisfied. We gave bed sheets as return gifts as I wished to give something useful to them.

• Photography: Everything is pictures nowadays. We wanted to have good memories which we could catch on later, we decided on a good photographer named Trends Studio.

• Decor: I love decorating stuff and this was a good way to give a personal touch to the party. With a friend’s help, I did the décor myself.

• Food: Being a gujju food is the most important thing. keeping the crowd in mind wanted everybody to be pleased, I devoted this work to my sister as she loves to eat and cook as well so menu was her task with my expertise in it😜.

And let me add here it was a surprise party and we had to do everything under wraps so only when my father would go for work or sleep in the night.

We were doing all this with a lot of love but were equally worried if my father would appreciate as he is a perfectionist.

But thankfully everything went well and as planned.

The look and happiness in his eyes was unbelievable. All the guests were happy and enjoyed. Happiness on my father’s face was the icing on the cake.

Parents become like children and that kid in them makes us happy too!!!

Love your parents because the love respect you show for your parent’s God showers his blessings on you!!


Review : Baby’s Castle

Your baby isn’t even ready to walk and you take her for a swim session. People may think you are crazy. I would say yes, I am crazy. I took Mr. K for a swim session to Baby’s castle at Santcruz in Mumbai on 27/4/17.

Baby’s castle is the first and only wellness centre in India. It is ideal for babies ageing from 1 month to 2.5 years depending upon their weight and height where they can conduct relaxation Aqua Therapy, Aquatic Physical Therapy and Baby Swimming in a comfy environment.

They offer a one time session and a package too where you can take the babies on regular basis for swim lessons. In conversation with the staff there, I came to know that there are babies of 2.5 year old with them who are swimming on their own and some younger babies with a little help.

I wanted to take K for this session since long. In fact, I had planned I will take him here when he was still in the womb. Recently a friend who has a baby 10 days younger to K asked me if I would be interested to join her for a swim session. Without a second thought, I agreed and said a yes. She had taken an appointment for three of us (three babies) of 2.00 pm.

We reached there on time. The lady there made us fill the form and showed us the entire castle. It had two baby pools, play area for babies and a room for moms spa session.

Immediately after that the staff took our babies one by one, changed them into swim diapers. the place where they changed the clothes was extremely clean. There were toys to keep the babies engaged while they were changed. The staff took utmost care to make the baby comfortable while they were changed. K was ready to go into pool.

Mommies could enter the pool too which was fun. Once K was ready, I made him touch and play with water from out and then gave him to the professional taking care, while I went and changed. I entered the pool and we played in the pool with some actual swim play which the professional there was teaching us.

What I liked?

The castle was very clean. It was quite baby friendly. The staff was extremely professional and helpful. We got all the help needed.

The swim coaches were polite and gentle in their talks. They handled the babies extremely well. K was happily going to them, so they could do some actual swim exercise with him. For other babies, they showed the mom, and the moms were doing it. But they tried to take each baby. They remembered the name of the babies and called them with their names which gives a personal touch.

As a mommy, when your baby is doing new things you want pictures to be taken as memory. So, when I asked the staff, is there anyone who could click pictures, they helped us with a boy who clicked pictures of ours. It may sound silly but these pictures are memories for life.

After the swim session, babies were given warm towels. These are sanitised towels and I personally saw them doing it.

Once the swim session was done, they let us be, take our own time to feed the babies. So there was no hurrying up, we were at our own pace.

The play room was equipped with new and latest toys and it was child friendly.

What I didn’t like?

There was spa session given to moms, which I found to be very ok. It would have been nicer if the staff took care of the babies while moms had the spa.

The swimming session was for 30 minutes, which got over very quickly and we wanted more time, but as per the guidelines we can’t have a longer session than this.

I also felt it is highly priced. The price could be reduced to 1000 for a session and they can minus the foot spa for the moms.


Overall, my experience with baby’s castle was good. We had an extremely good time. Mr. K enjoyed to the fullest. Kudos to Dr. Priyanka to bring such a concept to India. I would recommend you to go for at least one session despite the price. Many paediatricians also recommend the aqua therapy for babies with week body.

To book your appointment. visit their website or get in touch with them